President Ali Abdullah Saleh is alive and will soon go on TV to address his nation, government officials say. Earlier, opposition forces had claimed he was killed.
All this talk about the "debt ceiling" can get a little cumbersome. The Root's Cynthia Gordy has made a helpful list of nine things to know about the federal debt and what it means for you if the jargon has you overwhelmed.
The Herman Cain train has taken off, but can the former Godfather's Pizza CEO deliver a Republican win? Ed Kilgore of The New Republic questions the GOP hopeful's rhetoric and whether he's a legitimate nominee.
The Democratic politician's lawyers contend the payments were gifts from friends. Prosecutors allege they were political donations that should have been reported.
The latest job numbers reveal the economic pain that continues to wrack Americans, and could complicate President Obama's 2012 reelection aims. As pressure increases from his party's liberal wing to refocus on job creation, the political...
A government official told The Associated Press that President Ali Abdullah Saleh and four top officials the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the parliament chief and a presidential aide were wounded when rockets hit the building.
Employers hired only 54,000 new workers in May, the fewest in eight months, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent, the Labor Department said.
Prosecutors consider secret payments to his mistress, Rielle Hunter, from political supporters to be illegal campaign donations. Defense lawyers say they were gifts from old friends, intended to hide the affair from the candidate's wife, and...
While the Nobel laureate's family says he died of prostate cancer, his driver has recently claimed Neruda was poisoned possibly under orders from Gen. Augusto Pinochet.
A newly identified staph germ may go undetected on genetic tests that are used to rapidly detect antibiotic-resistant varieties. The bacterium has been found in raw milk in England, and in people infected with staph there and in Denmark.