In 1919, he was already advocating for "removal of the Jews." Today, the Simon Wiesenthal Center will show what's believed to be the first such writing from the eventual Nazi leader.
In recent years there's been a big change in the type of toxin-producing E. coli causing foodborne illnesses in the U.S. An increasing number of outbreaks are caused by strains of bacteria that include the bug behind the current European...
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is trying to position himself as the Ronald Reagan of today - but his tactics leave something to be desired. John Nichols of The Nation warns that he may need to take a look in the mirror.
The TV event that is the contrite news conference always includes something about taking full responsibility for one's actions, as Rep. Anthony Weiner's did yesterday. But what does that even really mean?
The government claims that "armed gangs" killed 120 members of its security force in Jisr al-Shughour. NPR reached an activist there who says nearly all the 75,000 residents have fled, fearing what is to come as government forces move in.
The economy continues to suffer as the Obama Administration keeps a stoic face, so what's the fix? Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard argues that Obama is the link, and Republicans need to exploit this to win in 2012.
President Obama gave more than $500 million in stimulus money to research energy-efficient transportation in 2009. So, when will our new, affordable cars be ready? The Root's Michael Steele thinks it'll be right around the time that pigs...
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is struggling politically at home due to her handling of a financial crisis that threatens economies across Europe. During Merkel's visit to the U.S., Obama will present her with the Medal of Freedom, the...
An amateur astronomer's YouTube report on what he believes he's seen on the Red Planet is proving popular. Scientists, though, say it's probably just a glitch in the image, not a 700-foot long structure.
Insurance brokers are waging a campaign to exclude the sales commissions insurers pay them from the companies' administrative expenses. Though that battle may sound arcane, there's big money at stake for consumers.