Human rights groups say the healthcare professionals are being tried simply for providing "ethical medical care" to protesters the government had "shot, detained and tortured."
"I didn't at any time yell," Jason West tells a local Utah newspaper. "I didn't go on a rant. I wasn't irate." But he may be fined 14,000 pennies ($140, that is) for paying a disputed medical bill with the coins...
Being that NBC has a new owner and Olympic producer, the bidding is a lot more competitive than it's been in years.
Marines in Afghanistan's Helmand Province say they are finally making progress against the Taliban and simply need more time before a pullout.
Apple's cloud-based service tracks the music and other digital property on a listener's hard drive and makes it available wirelessly to devices that can connect to the Internet. iCloud, which arrives after a long negotiation with the major...
The costs of cancer care stretch the financial resources of people with health insurance. And a study in Washington state finds the risk of bankruptcy is highest for people with cancer of the lung, thyroid, leukemia and lymphoma.
Weeks of torrential rains glutted Lake Champlain, flooding hundreds of miles of coastline. Now in the mountain village of Keene Valley, N.Y., all that water has triggered a massive landslide that is slowly destroying a neighborhood.
Sam Fuller of Albany is part of a rare minority of home-schoolers who call themselves "unschooled" a more unstructured self-directed form of homeschooling. He says that because he didn't have pressure from school and friends to tell...
The New York Democrat has been at the center of a media firestorm in recent days over sexually charged photos allegedly sent from his online social media accounts to several women.
Miniature nuclear reactors some small enough to fit in a two-car garage are an appealing alternative to massive, multi-billion-dollar power facilities.