In the wake of massive protests, the government has cracked down brutally on opposition figures. Authorities detained thousands of men and then went after the women. "They took me from my work," one woman says. "And from the...
Some collectors are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Pinto with a 1,600-mile trip from Colorado to Pennsylvania. While the much-maligned economy car has a mixed record, fans say it has nostalgic value.
The finding that cellphones are a possible carcinogen is a bit of surprise. Last year, the largest study to date found scant evidence to support a link between cellphones and brain cancers.
American Airlines just took delivery of its first Boeing 737-800, with a new interior. The plane's cabin comes with an option list that includes LED lighting, more headroom, larger storage bins and a futuristic feel.
When a group of Libyan rebels got hold of a radio belonging to the Libyan military, they had some fun at their enemy's expense. They also sent a very pointed message to the forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. Watch and hear what they say.
Some people in tornado-ravaged Cordova, Ala. have nowhere to live but in trailers provided by FEMA. But the mayor of the city has decided to enforce a 1957 ordinance that bans those kinds of trailers.
While the mining company says the allegation is "at best frivolous," the court documents filed by some institutional investors claim Alpha Natural Resources' takeover of the company would shield Massey executives from liability.
President Obama has chosen his new commerce secretary. He's John Bryson, former chief executive of Edison International, the large Southern California electric utility. By choosing Bryson, 67, who sits on the boards of Boeing and Walt Disney...
The Wall Street Journal reports that when Goldman Sachs delivered the news that Libya's $1.3 billion investment had dwindled to a few millions, the reaction was threatening.
Martha Rivera Alanis and her students had practiced for what to do in case of gunfire outside their school. And as she got her little people down on the floor, Rivera kept keep them from getting too scared by singing.