From bin Laden to drug cartels this year isn't looking good for the the world's biggest bad boys. David Rothkopf of Foreign Policy discusses some of the unlucky fellas not that you'll feel pity for their sob stories.
The group of original scores, costing $135 million, reads like a greatest hits of classical music.
Many foreigners fled the crippled Libyan capital as the uprising there turned to war. But one Chinese restaurant is still open for business though customers are few. "If I left, I would lose everything I have here," owner Dai Songxian...
Most Senate Republicans voted two weeks ago to end a tax break for ethanol. Some see that vote as a chink in the armor of anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist and the no-new-taxes pledge he's gotten almost every GOP lawmaker to take.
It can often seem that modern Chinese power is more aimed at erasing a painful past than at writing a dominant future. The problem is that with a growing military and with increasingly assertive foreign and commercial policies China doesn't...
The charismatic Venezuelan president was rushed into surgery in Cuba on June 10. A video has now been released showing him talking spiritedly with Fidel Casto, but little is known about Hugo Chavez's condition.
Starting in October, banks will only be allowed to charge retailers 21 cents for each debit card transaction, plus an additional 0.05 percent of the purchase price to cover the coast of fraud protection.
The airstrike that killed him came on the same day the Obama administration unveiled its new "National Strategy for Counterterrorism," which focuses on targeted drone strikes and special operations raids rather than conventional wars.
Controlled burns around the facility should help keep the nuclear materials stored there safe, authorities say. Meanwhile, the air is being monitored.
With talk of a government shut down amidst arguments about the debt ceiling - President Barack Obama stands firm that it's only fair for wealthy Americans to give up their tax breaks. John Nichols of The Nation applauds the president for taking...