For four years, inmates at a women's correctional facility in Oregon have taken a class that provides training in small business management as well as life skills such as setting goals.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that pension and health care costs are eating the U.S. military alive. And the Pentagon predicts that the cost of taking care of its troops and retirees will keep growing.
President George W. Bush signed the first round of tax cuts that usually bear his name ten years ago Tuesday. That reduced revenue, plus the recession, plus more spending equals today's debt crisis.
The Electronics Entertainment Expo, which begins Tuesday in Los Angeles, is the annual convention of the video game industry. On Monday, there were a few pre-game press conferences including big ones from Microsoft and Sony.
The Wallow Fire has devoured more than 200,000 acres of forest and has spread over an area 365-square-miles in size.
While government spokesmen say the president plans to return to Yemen after receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, opponents hope he will stay away and talks about a transition can begin.
People are fleeing part of northern Syria ahead of what is expected to be a tough crackdown by government forces. On Monday, the regime of President Bashar Assad claimed that 120 members of the government's security forces were killed there.
Syrian opposition leaders were bracing for a major military crackdown in the town of Jisr al-Shughour in retaliation for what the government said was an ambush by armed gunmen that killed 120 security troops.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to nuke nuclear power by 2022, but this is a flip-flop from her previous behavior. Paul Hockenos of Foreign Policy questions whether Merkel's choices are bold or just confused.
In 1919, he was already advocating for "removal of the Jews." Today, the Simon Wiesenthal Center will show what's believed to be the first such writing from the eventual Nazi leader.