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With the oldest of the boomers turning 65, eventually most will be looking to sell their homes. Changing tastes in housing could make that more difficult, but fears of a "generational housing bubble" may be overblown.
McDonald's is tops with young fast-food-loving men, according to a social media survey. Of the men who said they are overweight, 27 percent said they ate at fast-food chains more than seven times a week.
The Bank of Canada says the polymer bills are more secure, cheaper to make and last longer than paper notes. They're also a lot friendlier to vending machines.
The Senate bill is a counter to efforts in the House to stop funding military operations in Libya. Both Kerry and McCain have defended President Barack Obama's decision to intervene in Afghanistan. Kerry said defunding the mission would be a...
States along the Atlantic Coast are vying to be first in the country to put wind turbines offshore. But an Ohio group aims to build the first offshore wind farm in America in fresh water.
Some studies show that new gas production could cause air pollution in portions of Colorado, Texas and Louisiana. Experts say although the amount of pollution is significantly less than that caused by coal-fired plants, natural gas companies will...
A fifth of the respondents said "no," which closely tracks the responses to the same question in annual polling since 1967. The only significant blip in that survey question occurred four years ago, when former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt...
European Union ministers are threatening to cut off billions in bailout money if Greek legislators don't pass painful austerity measures to dig out of an economic crisis. If Greece defaults on its debts, economists say bank lending could grind...
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will serve in the top job for another five-year term. Ban ran unopposed.
The collapse of the Soviet Union seemed shocking and its fall brought about many theories and accusations. Leon Aron of Foreign Policy insists that everything we thought we knew about the destruction of the Soviet Union is wrong.