President Obama outlined a plan to reduce government deficits through a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes. His plan will go up against another blueprint put forward last week by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan. Though they both seek $4 trillion in...
American families need to earn at least $68,000 a year to achieve basic economic security, a new report says. That's more than three times higher than the national poverty level. Child care can top rent as the biggest household expense.
Piracy thrives in largely lawless Somalia. But the self-ruling region of Somaliland is slowly trying to build the rule of law and a sense of civic duty. The result: Ordinary citizens occasionally catch pirates and turn them in.
At least one senator is surprised that the deal would repeal a health care law provision that he says costs the government nothing. Another senator is pleased that the proposal drops gray wolves from the endangered list.
As in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states, Florida's public employees and their unions are on the defensive. Gov. Rick Scott's proposed budget cuts thousands of public jobs and requires workers to contribute part of their salaries to their...
There have now been at least five incidents. The FAA has ordered changes in staffing, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says his agency "will not sleep until we can guarantee that there's good safety in the control towers."
Claims for jobless benefits rose after two weeks' worth of declines. Wholesale prices were pushed higher by rising energy costs.
If you haven't seen it yet, and have 120 seconds to spare, we recommend watching SF to Paris In Two Minutes, a clever creation from entrepreneur/artist/photographer Nate Bolt.
If you've been waiting anxiously, as some have, an alternative to black is just weeks away.
More careful attention to cleanliness in hospitals can help curb infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But even stringent hygiene only goes so far in beating the germs back.