Host Michel Martin interviews President Barack Obama about the Gang of Six's bipartisan debt-reduction plan, job stimulation, and which public programs he believes should be protected from spending cuts. Obama also comments on whether he thinks...
How a 35-year-old band uses repetition to turn our current obsession with "retro" into a revelation.
Veterinarians used a wheel from a local hardware store to replace a tortoise's amputate limb.
The angry reaction of congressional Democrats to reports that President Obama and Speaker Boehner showed it's not just House Republicans who must be appeased. It's going to take enough congressional Democrats signing on to a final deal...
Host Michel Martin continues her conversation with President Barack Obama. He comments on the criticism his wife received for ordering a high-calorie meal, and shares his feelings about turning 50.
Read a transcript and listen to full, unedited audio of NPR's interview with President Obama.
President Obama tells NPR's Michel Martin that he feels pretty good about turning 50 especially because the first lady tells him she thinks he's still cute.
Most observers in Kabul now believe the U.S. has met face to face with a Taliban envoy, and the most likely interlocutor is Tayyeb Agha. He's thought to be one of a few people with regular access to Taliban leader Mullah Omar.
Secure Communities was created to help federal authorities deport illegal immigrants who are hardened criminals. But some say immigrants are being deported on minor charges. Illinois, New York, Massachusetts and Los Angeles want to opt out.
An album cover controversy, Deborah Voigt's sharp-shooting and Anna's restaurant: all the news that's fit to link.