Nokia suffered big losses after it announced in February that its smartphones would run a Windows OS. Now Apple holds almost 19 percent of the market.
Based on its latest earnings report, Apple has a little more than $2.3 trillion more cash on hand than the U.S. Treasury.
Only two of the 2012 contenders serve in Congress, but if they all had to vote, would it be yea or nay or something in between?
The addition of the amendment provision appears to be enough to swing some Republican lawmakers to his side who had previously been against his bill or undecided.
With Borders gone and Spotify rising, how will classical fans find and buy music?
A blue ribbon commission warns that finding and building a new, permanent underground site to store the nation's nuclear waste could take 50 years or so. In the meantime, the panel says, the U.S. should build one or more temporary storage...
In Egypt, families hold a ritual called the Sebou to formally acknowledge their baby to the world. The tradition dates back to the Pharaonic times. But since the revolution earlier this year, which affected the economy, the ceremonies have been...
Justin Bock and his wife, Ashley, found themselves both unemployed with a mortgage to pay. But Justin had a backup plan: the Navy. Military officials say a bad economy is good for recruiting. As a result, the quality of recruits is the highest it...
If an impasse were to drag on for more than a few weeks, health care providers could be unable to pay their staffs or even face insolvency, say health care experts and former government officials.
A historian requested the records, because he said they could further illuminate what we already know about the Watergate scandal.