Marla Cooper told the network she is convinced her uncle L.D. Cooper was the man who parachuted off a hijacked plane with a $200,000 ransom in 1971. To this day, the case of D.B. Cooper remains the only unsolved hijacking case.
Just 28 inches at its narrowest point (and four feet at the widest), Etgar Keret's home in Warsaw might be the skinniest home in the world.
Government investigators have linked the illnesses of 77 people across the country to a strain of salmonella that is resistant to many antibiotics. The likely culprit is ground turkey, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Despite avoiding a default in the last minute debt deal, only Tea Partiers are celebrating. John Nichol's of The Nation laments on who this deal truly benefits, who it hurts and how members of the Tea Party were able to push the entire debate...
Last week, Speaker John Boehner fought to have his plan heard despite a lack of support from both sides. Within his defeat though, Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard argues, Boehner showed how a true leader behaves in the face of resistance.
Congress did not clear the bill authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration before it left for recess. The agency's partial shutdown is another thing adding to the country's debt. This month alone, it will cost the Treasury $1 billion...
They succeeded in shifting the debt debate from a "balanced approach" to one focused solely on spending cuts. But they may not be united in what to tackle next.
James Ford Seale died while serving three life sentences in connection to the segregation-era killing of two black men. Seale, who was thought dead for years, wasn't convicted of the killings until 2007.
The group of congressional newcomers largely stuck to their guns through tense debt ceiling negotiations, forcing a first-ever cap on discretionary spending and staving off tax increases.
The 87 new members of the House are the reason the GOP now controls the House. "Nearly 40 percent of them are self-styled 'citizen politicians' who have never held office and who rode into Washington on the Tea Party wave," says...