As record heat waves sweep across America this summer, it's hard to imagine life without the cool breeze of air conditioning. Although it may be taken for granted now, the air conditioner as we know it now has hundreds of years of history...
Researchers say the African crested rat covers parts of its fur with the same deadly poison African tribesmen used to take down elephants. The fact that it doesn't die while doing so is an evolutionary marvel.
The debt deal is supposed to produce savings in the "out years." By not addressing today what can be put off until tomorrow, politicians are able to handle problems just like the rest of us by praying they will go away.
Members of a leading Libyan tribe warn of serious consequences if rebel authorities fail to sufficiently investigate last week's mysterious death of rebel leader Abdel-Fattah Younis.
Chief of Staff Bill Daley was expected to bring stability and a centrist approach to the Obama White House. His close relationship to the business world was a selling point too. But it didn't do him much good in the debt negotiations.
Now researchers have confirmed what many parents see every day: Kids love to use electronic devices at the same time. The multitasking can make it even more challenging to figure out how much time kids are spending in front of screens.
Vampire bats need to get about two tablespoons of blood a day to live. To find it, the animals are able to detect heat and where there's heat, there are blood vessels close to the surface. Researchers say they have identified the molecular...
The stalemate in Congress over FAA funding has stalled more than 200 airport expansion and renovation projects across the country. And it's putting tens of thousands of contractors out of work.
If you start digging into pool cleanliness, you're bound to run into some unpleasant truths. Musician David Was was concerned about his own pool and tried to take maintenance into his own hands to save money.
The shutdown doesn't include air traffic controllers. But it has left 4,000 FAA employees, and an additional 70,000 contractors, either furloughed or fired outright.