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The summer heat means more energy demand on the state's largest electricity producer. But Georgia Power isn't seeing any unusual spike compared to last year. Spokesman Lynn Wallace says, the company is turning on smaller and less-...
Many Georgia schools today are reacting to news that they did not meet Adequate Yearly Progress required under Federal No Child Left Behind standards. Not a single high school in the Rome area of northwest Georgia made the mark.
About 30 percent of poultry, 15 percent of beef, and 90 percent of pork are injected with some kind of liquid enhancement before sale, USDA says, and it's usually something high in sodium. Yet consumers are often unaware that a solution...
As temperatures continue to rise throughout the East, so does the demand for power and New England's elderly infrastructure could face overloads. But utility operators say they are taking precautions to ensure a steady power supply.
As the clock counts down to an Aug. 2 deadline, the Senate rejected House Republican's "Cut, Cap and Balance" bill and President Obama said his lawyers told him he could not raise the debt ceiling by using the 14th Amendment.
Most trims to Medicare's budget have not directly affected care for beneficiaries. Instead cuts in Medicare spending have been directed at hospitals, doctors and nursing homes.
The final steep mountain stage of the Tour de France brought a flurry of attacks, as Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck, Cadel Evans and a handful of other riders struggled to win on the iconic Alpe d'Huez.
Interlochen is one of the most prestigious summer music and arts camps in the country. It's also one of the most expensive. With the economy in the doldrums, how are families affording it? Some enterprising young campers have been extra-...
Rates don't have to spike that high to cause big problems. That's because with the size of the national debt right now, nearly $15 trillion, any increase will start siphoning mind-boggling amounts of money out of the treasury.
This month, California's governor signed a law that makes gay history mandatory in public schools. Proponents say it presents a more accurate view of history but opponents say the requirement promotes a "homosexual agenda." Now...