At least 42 people have died in the city Jos, Nigeria after clashes between Christians and Muslims.
"I've never gotten around the question of her having left the governorship of Alaska in mid-term," former Vice President Dick Cheney said today when asked about fellow Republican Sarah Palin and her suitability for national office.
The slow, shuffling walk of old age may be caused by invisible problems with tiny blood vessels in the brain. One-third of people who tested normal during life were found to have these tiny abnormalities in blood vessels at autopsy.
After eating a co-workers brownies, three Canadian office workers thought they had been poisoned. Turns out they were just high.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Friday opened his Florida campaign headquarters. The state is likely to play a key role in the GOP nominating process. To do well there, Romney has to do well with one of the nation's fastest-...
A violinist strikes a pose, protesters disrupt a London concert and we compile all the classical news that's fit to link.
Cellist Jan Vogler solicited playful, personal variations from each of the five international soloists who performed "The Trout" at this year's Moritzburg Festival in Germany.
James Murdoch said he was not accepting the bonus because of the phone hacking scandal that's rocked the company. He said it was "the right thing to do."
House Republicans say no to Obama's address Wednesday night, and yes to the "Civilian Service Recognition Act" and Special Olympics torch run contemplation.
In Ohio, college football enters a new era. Scandal forced a coaching change and a number of players are benched at Ohio State for breaking NCAA rules. The Buckeyes' situation is providing a good case study for those interested in making big...