When you're a U.S. president, you can never have too many followers. So it makes sense, then, that President Obama would eventually turn to that ultimate population of followers, the 140-character delimited Twitterverse by holding the first...
The track's producer is Dutch, the MCs are from Ghana and India it's Number 11 in the U.K. this week.
President Obama reverses previous policy. "They didn't die because they were weak," he says of such soldiers. "And the fact that they didn't get the help they needed must change."
His testimony has raised the possibility that other agencies kept important information from ATF, lawmakers say. They're warning the Justice Department not to take action against the ATF chief or others who tell their stories.
Afton State Park sustained $35,000 in damages after vandals went wild over the holiday weekend, taking advantage that the government shutdown had left the parks relatively unattended.
President Obama is responding to questions that have come in through Twitter via #AskObama. He isn't going to tweet, but will be live on the Web giving his answers.
Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will now feature group chat, a new chat design and, as expected, video calling. The video chat will work through a partnership with Skype.
The World Health Organization said it's possible to end deaths from malaria as soon as 2015. Now the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is out with a map that shows how it could be done.
Sweden went ahead 1-0 in the 14th minute, after Amy LePeilbet was given a yellow card for bringing down a Swedish player just outside the penalty box. A win or a draw would be enough for the U.S. win Group C.
The cancellation is a setback for Spitzer, who was in the midst of rehabilitating his image after resigning as New York governor three years ago.