The 2012 presidential election is more than a year away, but that's not keeping political advertisers from targeting the TV airwaves. However, a survey has found that the TV audience is shrinking especially the young voters.
The pixelated images meant to be scanned on a smartphone to take the user to a website may be too involved for too little reward, branding consultants say. Though the codes are more prevalent, only 6 percent of mobile phone users in the U.S. scan...
The military is trying to make big changes in what fuel it uses. The Air Force and Navy have been testing their aircraft everything from fighters to unmanned spy planes on fuel made from vegetable oil or even animal fat. One catch: It costs 10...
Dixon wrote classic gospel tracks and spent much of the 1970s as Paul Simon's opening act.
After 26 years in prison, Randall Lee Church was overwhelmed by a world he did not recognize, so he did what he could to go back to jail.
High school is tough for almost every kid, but for new immigrants and refugees, it can be even harder. In The New Kids, journalist Brooke Hauser chronicles the lives of students enrolled in Brooklyn's International High School.
The deal ends an impasse over extra funding for FEMA and keeps the government running until Nov. 18.
In the shadow of the Arab Spring, activists say this move gives them hope for further reform.
One in four Georgia children is now living in poverty, according to the census. And thirty-six percent of the state’s black children and more than 40 percent of its Hispanic children are destitute
Georgia might not be deeply affected by a stoppage of FEMA disaster funds -- at least in the short term. The U.S. Senate on Monday was set to vote on a bill that would in part restore money to FEMA's disaster relief fund. Georgia emergency...