A pill long sold by a Bulgarian drugmaker in Eastern Europe is getting a fresh look as an inexpensive way to help smokers in low-income countries quit. In Poland, the medicine costs about $15 for a course of treatment.
It's an important step, but just part of what needs to be done, experts say.
The co-founder of Sugar Hill Records, which also released "The Message," was 75.
The fee and other changes are ways for banks to recoup some of the money they won't be able to charge merchants anymore. Experts' advice: Shop around for the best deal on a debit card.
China has started a decade-long project aimed at constructing its own space station.
Federal authorities say 37 people are charged with illegal distribution of a prescription drug. All but one is an employee or former employee of the plant outside Philadelphia.
The drummer, who has played with R.E.M., The Blackouts and Ministry, now plays bass with The Humans.
After the U.S. Supreme Court ordered California to reduce its dangerously overcrowded prisons, the state is shifting responsibility of nonviolent criminals to local officials. Of all the prisoners and parolees leaving the state's system, the...
There are still three big problems facing Europe. And the European Union wasn't designed to handle this kind of massive, fast-moving crisis.
Authorities said employees were buying and selling prescription drugs like Oxycontin and Xanax inside the plant that manufactures CH-47 Chinooks and other military aircraft. The FBI and DEA said they made the arrests using evidence gathered during...