The former head of the International Monetary Fund also expressed regret to his wife, his family and the French people. But, he did not apologize.
The Emmy Awards celebrated some very good performances on Sunday night, but the show itself was weak.
Nine people were killed and dozens were injured Friday at an air race in Nevada. The plane that tore into spectators had been rebuilt for speed.
Netflix has decided to spin off its DVD rentals into the new service "Qwikster." Will this really fix its customer-dissatisfaction problems and restore peace?
Eurozone finance ministers warn that Greece might not get a vital installment of a $150 billion bailout if they feel it isn't doing enough to reduce the size of its debt. Greek officials are racing to find more cuts, even as fear grows among...
The company says DVDs-by-mail and streaming movies on the Web have become two different businesses with different cost structures. Now, you can pay for just one or the other or both, of course.
Witnesses say pilot Jimmy Leeward may have steered his plane away from stands where spectators were sitting. Whether he was conscious at the end, though, isn't yet known.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he plans to move forward with his request for Palestinian statehood, despite the consequences. Abbas said he was under "tremendous pressure" to drop the bid.
If the 2012 election is a referendum on President Obama, it could be curtains for his hopes of a second term because the economy is making too many voters unhappy. But if it's a choice, Obama could win by persuading enough voters that his...
Combined with $1 trillion in spending cuts already agreed to earlier this summer, the president said, his plan would trim "more than $4 trillion and achieves these savings in a way that is fair."