McDonald's says it overhauled its Happy Meal after listening to customers. But which ones? Turns out the company is actively reaching out to mom bloggers, whom it calls "key influencers" in the conversation over healthy eating.
The first confirmed mountain lion sighting in Connecticut since 1880 has been traced to an animal from the Black Hills of South Dakota.
But like every tale of amazing survival, there's a dark side to this story.
Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said the Republican plan is an "interim solution" that doesn't diminish instability.
Deep brain stimulation involves placing electrodes far into brain tissue. It's best known as a way to alleviate Parkinson's tremors. Now doctors are using it to reduce symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. "My mind was free of...
For months, critics have called for the resignation of Japan's much-unloved prime minister, Naoto Kan. The frailty of the country's leadership reflects the fact that Japan has yet to enjoy a fully democratic political system.
A federal judge in Washington has officially dismissed a case that led to a temporary halt in stem-cell research funding a year ago. He was bound by a appeals court decision to do so.
House Speaker John Boehner turned an embarrassing analysis of his plan to his advantage. The delay gave him time to corral recalcitrant Republicans and garner the votes to pass the plan in the House. The Senate is another story.
In the wake of the twin attacks in Norway, many are questioning why the authorities failed to recognize the potential threat from the country's ultra-right. But it's a threat that the region's leading crime writers have clearly...
The famine in Somalia is the first official famine declared by the United Nations since 1984, when nearly a million people died in Ethiopia and neighboring Sudan. Now, over 10 million people in the Horn of Africa are desperately short on food and...