The birth marks the first for a sitting French head of state in 155 years. The last time this happened Empress Eugenie gave birth to Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte.
A year ago, said the president, few would have thought there would be a "free Libya" anytime soon. But now, he added, Libyans have the chance to achieve "full democracy."
In an interview Wednesday night with CNN's Piers Morgan, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain raised questions about his views on abortion and homosexuality.Will he alienate the right?
"Nobody can tell if the [fatal] shot was from the rebel fighters or from his own security guard," Interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril told All Things Considered host Robert Siegel.
CT scans and new DNA technology indicate that a bone sharpened into a spear was used to kill a mastodon in the northwestern U.S. 13,800 years ago. The research revisits an old debate about the evidence for an early hunt in North America.
The chickens were headed to a processing plant, which means some got a temporary reprieve.
New York City officials have told a bus company that carries passengers in a largely Hasidic Jewish section of Brooklyn that it must stop requiring female passengers to sit in the back. The issue has raised concerns about boundaries between...
Rice writes that before their meeting in 2008, she was well aware of his "slightly eerie fascination with me." Rice reveals that Gadhafi made a tape for her.
Three months ago, the southern Afghan city of Kandahar looked to be dangerously unstable after the murders of Ahmed Wali Karzai, the kingpin of Kandahar, and the city's mayor. Despite fears of a struggle to fill the leadership vacuum, some...
Teen drivers have fewer accidents as they gain experience. But that doesn't mean they are cutting down on risky driving like taking sharp turns and braking quickly, research shows.