Some 8 in 10 sexually active teen boys reported using a condom the first time they had sex, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds.
He was a titan of the computer industry who had enormous influence on the work programmers do.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said Bush should be prosecuted for his role in the torture of detainees. The Canadian government said there's no chance of that happening.
"We know," the president said today, that "there are individuals in the Iranian government who were aware" of a plan to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States.
In a handful of states that ban raw dairy sales for human consumption, it seems some aficionados are taking advantage of a legal loophole: They're buying it as food for Fido.
The military said the the virus that affected the Pentagon's drone program wasn't specifically designed to steal information or control the aircraft and was likely acquired by playing internet games like Mafia Wars.
The magazine said the dissident Chinese artist's work reminds the world that "freedom of expression is a basic right." Ai is only the second artist to top the list.
Consumers aren't the only ones paying attention to the quality ratings of private Medicare coverage. Health plans stand to make big bucks by scoring higher in Medicare's rating system.
The GOP candidate's tax plan has been getting him lots of attention and some barbs. Now it's been noticed that in the gaming world, 9-9-9's been around for a while.
The Saudis are demanding that Yemen's president step aside after months of protest against his rule. Yet last month, the Saudis didn't stop Ali Abduallah Saleh from leaving Saudi Arabia, where he received extensive medical treatment, and...