Children and teens can handle exercise on a sweltering summer day, doctors say. But withholding water doesn't toughen up an athlete. Coaches, parents, and kids all need to know how to avoid potentially deadly heatstroke. That's especially...
ABC News said a U.K. tabloid's report that Jackie Onasis thought Lyndon Johnson had a hand in the killing of JFK are "totally erroneous."
The NATO mission in Afghanistan has released a statement detailing the crash of Chinook helicopter that killed 30 U.S. service members Saturday. The helicopter with 22 Navy SEALS aboard was on a mission to aid another U.S. force under fire.
The recent debate over the debt ceiling and the downgrade of U.S. debt has foreign economists worried about America's fiscal future. Belt tightening is certain to come, but observers in Europe and Asia worry it won't go far enough in...
One of India's iconic folk arts is disappearing and animal rights activists say it can't happen soon enough. They say snake charmers use cruel practices to tame some of the world's most venomous reptiles.
"I can go to the Franklin Mountains in West Texas and stand next to what was once part of Coats Land in Antarctica," a geochemist says. That may come as a surprise to anyone who's been enduring West Texas' heat wave.
Toilet training sparks strong feelings from parents. But there's very little evidence on what methods are best for children's health, both in the short term and through childhood. So parents must choose from conflicting advice on what will...
Speculation abounds about the impact of S&P's unprecedented downgrade of U.S. government debt. The news weighed on stock markets and raised questions about the impact on the economy. But experts say ratings matter less than they once did.
A ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is being seen as a victory against "patent trolls," companies that acquire intellectual property for the sole purpose of extracting licensing fees or settlements.
Just three months ago, Navy Seal Team 6 scored a monumental triumph with the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Now the same team is in mourning after more than 20 of its members were killed in Afghanistan.