The government's weather agency said the $1.5 billion satellite will help finesse long-term forecasts.
On this 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty's dedication, live cameras have been turned on. The views include a live stream from the lady's torch.
U.S. News & World Report's ratings count when it comes to marketing to prospective medical students and fundraising, med school deans acknowledge. But they take the rankings less seriously as a scientific gauge of what actually goes on at...
Rob Tannenbaum and Craig Marks, co-authors of I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution, pick the worst of the worst. As it happens half of them were made in 1983.
A label comes clean about their bloody gore, the Bolshoi reopens and much more: all the news that's fit to link.
From compost to mulch, fall leaves can be used to improve the health and ecological diversity of lawns. The National Audubon Society's Melissa Hopkins, who calls the leaves "free vitamins," has some tips on how to make the most of...
But the Justice Department's Inspector General says officials still need to watch how they spend taxpayers' money at conferences. And it hasn't changed its findings about $5 sodas, $32 snack breaks and $8 cups of coffee.
A California restaurateur jokingly promised to pop the cork on a 141-year-old bottle of Bordeaux if Panetta caught bin Laden. This New Year's eve, he'll keep his word and they'll be sipping on some legendary wine.
One Republican candidate after another has challenged the front-runner status of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Now former House Speaker Newt Gingrich hopes his consistent message will propel him to the front of the pack in this weekend...
The announcement comes as House Republicans prepared to decide whether to subpoena documents related to loans given to Solyndra under the same program.