San Francisco has a burgeoning entomophagy (bug eating) movement, and its proponents say bugs have a lot of advantages over meat. They're tasty, not that different from shellfish, and better for the environment.
Yearly chest X-rays to look for lung cancer aren't worth doing because they don't save lives, according to a federally funded study. More than 150,000 people took part in the research.
Three Indian children light fireworks under the cover of night.
Altercations in Atlanta and Oakland, Calif., between police and protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement could be a critical test for the tactics of both the demonstrators and the authorities dealing with them, experts say.
The drug violence in Mexico has claimed another victim, the port city of Veracruz. But in a twist, a group calling itself the Zeta Killers is vowing to fight the drug cartel.
A nonprofit called Seeding Labs ships surplus scientific lab equipment to universities and research facilities in developing countries. "There are talented people everywhere in the world, but they don't have equal access to the resources...
The huge House GOP freshman class that swept into office in 2010 faces its first re-election challenge next year, one that at least some of them may not be able to meet. New fundraising figures show that many freshman have relatively low campaign...
The Army promoted Wisconsin native Marcia Anderson to two-star general after a military career that spans more than three decades. Even though white men far outnumber women and minorities in the highest ranks of the military, Anderson says there...
The visit is supposed to facilitate a ceasefire but the opposition continued protesting and the government continued shelling.
Following a dispute earlier this summer, the popular New York showcase and its performers have developed new terms of employment. On Monday, festival organizers, artists and representatives of the musicians' union announced the mutual agreement.