The University of Georgia is hosting a seminar beginning Monday on relations between North and South Korea.
Savannah politics recently got an injection of outside polling. An Atlanta-based research firm surveyed voters in the city's mayoral race. And it could be a harbinger of things to come in the state's other mid-sized cities. Researcher...
The major changes to this week’s polls mainly came in Class 4A and 2A.
The numbers offer the first detailed look at the haves and the have-nots among the Republican presidential candidates. While some candidates are flush with cash, others are nearly broke. Meanwhile, the Obama fundraising effort is easily...
The massive popularity of Electric Daisy and Electric Zoo has come with mainstream media scrutiny that's reminiscent of the coverage of Woodstock.
Analysts say the Assad government appears to be relying exclusively on brutal repression, giving free reign to the security services to crush the revolt.
One of the brightest supernovas in the last century is now visible. Discovered shortly after its light reached Earth in August, the supernova will last for more than a decade, but it won't stay in view for amateur astronomers for much longer.
Emerging from the shadow of the Washington Monument, civil rights groups marched to the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on Saturday. The crowd rallied on the eve of the new memorial's dedication, calling for jobs and economic justice.
As a news organization, it's tough to restore credibility after it's been badly damaged. Giving News Corp. the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the most recent allegations of wrongdoing has become tougher, considering its summer-long...
Sunday is World Food Day, an event intended to increase awareness of problems with global hunger. This year, a lot of people are going hungry, but the cause is not the shortage of food, it's the price.