The jobless rate had been 9.1 percent in September. The gain in payrolls was modest.
News about the October unemployment rate leads the day's headlines.
One of the candidate's accusers may hear today if she can comment publicly despite a confidentiality clause in the agreement she reached with the National Restaurant Association, which he headed in the late 1990s.
President Obama is holding a news conference in Cannes, France, where he and other leaders from the G-20 nations just wrapped up a two-day summit.
The six-man crew was testing how humans would hold up on an 18-month journey to Mars. The men never left the ground in Moscow, but did perform experiments as if they really were on a mission.
There's been anecdotal evidence and plenty of signs on social media, that many Republicans still support Herman Cain bid for president despite revelations the trade group he once headed paid monetary settlements to women who accused him of...
Unemployment varies widely by age and education. Here's an interactive chart that lets you sort through the numbers.
On balance, the latest jobs report suggests the economy is continuing to grow, though modestly. But a closer look at retail employment suggests this may be a gloomy holiday season for people who want seasonal jobs.
The Federal Trade Commission said it has reached a settlement with David J. Romeo and two companies he controlled that bans them from "making any weight-loss claims while marketing foods, drugs, and dietary supplements." Under the...
Several European governments have already fallen or been replaced as part of the fallout from the euro crisis. Even if Greece's prime minister survives a test vote Friday, leaders of several other countries remain at risk.