The Italian premier is under pressure to go so that a new government can pass needed economic reforms.
Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, once bitter opponents, had reconciled in recent years. They fought three of boxing's most famous fights. Now, Frazier has liver cancer.
Attorney Gloria Allred says her client will be at a news conference this afternoon in New York City to speak about what the woman says was sexual harassment by the Republican presidential contender. Cain has said he never harassed anyone.
As an alternative to vaccinations, a Tennessee woman offered lollipops smeared with chickenpox virus. Health officials said that the chickenpox vaccine is much safer, and that mailing pathogens is both illegal and dangerous.
Grease rustling is on the rise, as thieves make off with used restaurant grease. The goo left over from deep-fat frying is prized on the biofuels market. As fuel prices go up, so does the price of recycled grease.
From Los Angeles, another story in the "Robbers In The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time" category.
While older men argue that women should play a role in the country's political future, many of the younger generation say they support Sharia law.
International observers say the process has been "opaque" and with many "traps." But with 39 percent of the votes counted, Ortega seems poised for a landslide.
A Chicago woman, Sharon Bialek, says that in a 1997 encounter with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain he reached under her skirt and tried to pull her head toward his crotch. Cain's campaign says those are "false accusations....
After 726 formal complaints, a union lockout, protests and lawsuits and settlements totaling about $20 million, residents in Ponca City no longer have daily struggles with carbon black.