His supporters say it's another attempt to silence Ai. He was jailed for nearly three months earlier this year. Ai says he can pay the bill, but wants to see proof that the taxes really are owed.
The weekend's unusual snowstorm took a toll on trees and took out many power lines. Crews are still struggling to restore power.
All 230 people on board the LOT flight from Newark, N.J., are said to be OK. Problems with the landing gear forced pilots to make a belly landing.
She was "intellectually broad-minded" and instilled in her children "a pervasive sense of family and love for one another," journalist Carl Bernstein wrote of the former first lady's mother.
ADHD drugs like Ritalin don't pose a big risk of dangerous cardiovascular problems, according to new research. But the risk could still be doubled for the 2.7 million children taking stimulant drugs to treat the symptoms of attention deficit-...
The bank's plan to charge many customers if they use the cards to make purchases was not popular. Other institutions had decided not to follow after seeing the backlash.
The decibel level in a room filled with children trading candy rivals that of Wall Street. When the trading peaks, cross-room deals have Milk Duds flying overhead while a Jolly Rancher comes the other way.
The United Nations asked Libya's new government to take steps to prevent weapons from leaving the country. In a resolution, the Security Council said it was concerned weapons like shoulder-fired missiles could make their way to Al-Qaida.
Analysis of financial disclosure forms found that Congress' collective net worth grew by nearly a quarter since 2008. By any measure most federal politicians are richer than the average American.
Need a plush pancreas or spleen? How about a T-shirt featuring a liver? Yes, there's a company selling those and more. And the goods are on display at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association.