A new African Heritage Diet Pyramid offers healthful eating recommendations drawn from the culinary traditions of the American South, the Caribbean, South America and Africa. It includes familiar vegetables like okra and eggplant, fruits like...
A historian asked a court to unseal the documents thinking they could reveal some truth about Watergate. A court ordered the release in July.
The sister of an alleged victim says she's had to avoid going to class because of the jokes others are telling. And an attorney for the victims says trustees should have held off on coach Joe Paterno's firing in order to avoid protests.
A Johns Hopkins surgeon who is pretty handy with an endoscope has figured out how to operate in some hard-to-reach spots at the base of the skull through a natural opening above the jawbone.
'Tis almost the season, and what would the holidays be without our favorite foods? For this year's festivities from Thanksgiving to New Year's NPR will feature some of these unique dishes, on-air and online. What special food do...
As he watched the vote that would eventually lead to his resignation, Berlusconi wrote "8 traitors."
The Washington Nationals catcher was abducted Wednesday. He's thought to be the first Major League player to have been kidnapped in Venezuela. But other players' families have been targeted in recent years.
The documentary The Swell Season captures the end of a relationship between Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, two musicians who met when they starred in the Oscar-winning film Once.
For the first time in 50 years, Cubans can now buy and sell residential real estate. The new law allowing such transactions is President Raul Castro's most significant economic reform measure to date, and is spurring the refurbishment of the...
The drug, given by injection, isn't going to be on pharmacy shelves anytime soon. But it has now been seen to work in five different species from mice to monkeys. A human test of the drug is set to being soon.