For most people, Thanksgiving means dinner at home. But 14 million Americans eat their turkey and stuffing in restaurants. And many of them say they love the chance to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, without having to clean the...
On Monday, U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe appealed to Congress to help him reform the Postal Service, but he rejected the bills that have passed House and Senate committees. He says they don't address the big picture at the Post Office.
One candidate after another has auditioned to be the anti-Romney: They have shot to the top of the polls, then fizzled. But all of them have largely declined to attack Mitt Romney, leaving him free to focus on President Obama.
Across Latin America, movies and soap operas have glamorized the lives of drug lords and their gangs. A new Mexican movie, Miss Bala, takes a realistic look at the fear that grips many Mexicans today.
Most of the videos in the presidential campaign so far have been seen, and distributed, online. They're cheaper for the candidates to produce, and often get picked up by news outlets anyway.
The U.S. Office of Special Counsel is supposed to help protect federal whistle-blowers and shield civil service workers from politics. During the Bush administration, it was engulfed in scandal. Now Carolyn Lerner, the office's new leader,...
A couple of hours after eating, participants in a Harvard study who consumed canned soup had BPA levels in their urine that were about 12 times higher than the people who didn't. But the health implications of this sort of exposure to the...
Much like the one in 2009, the release seems timed to coincide with the annual United Nations climate summit and is intended to cast doubt on global warming.
A report by the Government Accountability Office found that at least some wild fires are caused by immigrants crossing the U.S. border illegally. Sen. John McCain was accused of scapegoating when he made comments to that effect during the summer.
The Federal Communications Commission wants AT&T to prove the merger would be "in the public interest."