The unemployment rate is expected to tick up slightly to 9.2 percent. Two years ago, it was 9.5 percent. The reason for that decline: People are dropping out of the labor force and are no longer looking. It's the first time in half a century...
The recent discovery of a woolly rhino skull on the Tibetan Plateau suggests that the rhino was one of the few animals that was prepared for the Ice Age when it came along. Scientists wonder which isolated places on Earth today will be the cradle...
A report says the upstate New York region has the highest concentration of green jobs in the country. Another surprising name in the top 10: northeast Ohio. But critics say the numbers of jobs created are too few to justify the use of federal...
Next Thursday, President Obama will present his jobs proposal before Congress. Democratic supporters hope his plan will offer a rallying point to excite his base, rather than a compromise Republicans may agree to.
Full transcript of Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep's interview with former Secretary of State Colin Powell.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has not issued a warning, watch or advisory at this time for areas outside where the quake occurred. But the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center has posted a warning for local areas.
The August employment report, due for release at 8:30 a.m. ET, is expected to show that the jobless rate stayed at 9.1 percent and that fewer jobs were added to payrolls than in July.
The government is preparing to sue more than a dozen banks, alleging they misrepresented the quality of mortgage securities, The New York Times reports.
Storm warnings were issued from Texas to Mississippi as a slow-moving tropical depression slogged toward the Gulf Coast, packing walloping rains that could soak the region with up to 20 inches.
The news comes as President Obama and his Republican rivals prepare their plans for boosting employment.