Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank says he decided not to seek re-election to a 17th term in 2012 because congressional redistricting would have given him a slew of new constituents and a difficult, expensive campaign."I think I would have...
Peters said the shadow of her father hung over her no matter where she went. "He broke my life," she said.
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt more than 80 years ago and is a presence in dozens of Muslim countries. President Hosni Mubarak outlawed the group, but it is now legal and competing openly in the country's parliamentary elections.
Ken Russell, the edgy, experimental film director of Tommy, Altered States and the Oscar-winning Women in Love, brought a spirit of glamor and flamboyance to British cinema.
An investigation found sweeping failure within the state's assisted-living industry. One neighborhood in South Florida has become a de facto psychiatric ward because of zoning laws. Experts say you can pick anywhere in the country and find...
Barely a month ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Islamabad hoping to cement greater Pakistani cooperation. After Saturday's NATO attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, that kind of cooperation appeared to be on indefinite...
In an interview with CNN, the Republican presidential candidate said an accuser would soon allege to have had a long-term extramarital affair with Herman Cain.
The accuser tells an Atlanta TV station that she had a physical relationship with the Republican presidential candidate for 13 years. Cain says that while the accuser was a "friend," their relationship was not sexual.
A report to U.N. human rights council accuses the Syrian army of murder, rape, torture and operating on a shoot-to-kill policy.
Up to now, food waste hasn't been a big priority for Unilever, though it's one of the central flaws in the global food system. Now, the company is realizing that it's a big concern among diners.