State officials said Wednesday that the Lowe’s retail chain will open a distribution center in Rome that will employ 600 people. But it’ll do little to help 350,000 Georgians who have given up looking for full-time work.
A conservative radio show host from Gainesville filed paperwork Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission to run for Georgia's new congressional seat. Martha Zoller said, through a spokesman Wednesday, she will remain on the air until...
A Chatham County judge signed a death warrant Tuesday for Troy Anthony Davis. Convicted of killing a Savannah police officer in 1989, this is Davis' fourth death warrant. But he's avoided execution because of questions about his guilt....
Gov. Nathan Deal signed off on Georgia’s new congressional districts Wednesday. They now head to Washington, D.C., for review by the federal government.
Georgia's manufacturing sector is hiring but the jobless rate isn't going down. Some manufacturers are pointing to a shortage of skilled workers as one reason the state isn't reaping the benefits of an uptick in manufacturing. Some...
Social studies teachers are sharing lessons on 9/11 for a generation that never experienced the event.
Governor Nathan Deal is considering the idea of paying extra for top quality elementary reading teachers willing to work with the state's youngest students.
Peach County School system may return to a five day week. Cost savings may not be as high as thought. Board will vote before the end of the school year whether to make the change.
On Tuesday, the California State Supreme Court will decide if proponents of the initiative have the legal authority, or standing, to pursue an appeal.
Once, the U.S. was a magnet for particle physicists, but Europe's Large Hadron Collider is now the biggest show around. As the Tevatron prepares to go dark in September, questions remain about the next step in U.S. physics research.