Lawmakers have spent much of this year struggling to reach a deal that could get budget deficits under control. But the problem has been developing for at least a decade. In 2000, there was a $200 billion surplus.
One approach tried in New York that expedites settlements in medical malpractice cases is expanding, and many policy experts and participants in the process believe it has promise.
Tuesday's headlines: Large crowd is gathering in Tahrir Square; the U.S. economy grew slightly less than thought in the third quarter; the UC Davis chancellor gave students an emotional apology.
Hugh Grant's testimony yesterday related to an investigation of phone hacking by journalists spotlighted another step along an interesting path.
Facebook and researchers from the University of Milan calculate that on average it takes 4.74 "hops" to connect one Facebook user to another. But how can you play "4.74 Degrees of Kevin Bacon?"
The Occupy movement provided satisfaction for some, frustration for others and success for a few. Many of the tents may be gone, but you can find out just how good an Occupier you are in our interactive game.
The ambassador says he didn't write a memo appealing to the U.S. for help in controlling Pakistan's powerful military. But the scandal has led to him stepping down.
Bush meat has been a critical part of the Malagasy diet, warding off anemia and malnutrition. The challenge: Balancing the needs of local people in cases where tasty wildlife is also critically endangered.
Authorities are hoping Occupy protesters in Los Angeles will accept their offer of basically free office space and farmland in exchange for leaving their camp near city hall.
The real estate developer, who also once raised money for then-state candidate Barack Obama, was convicted of fraud and other charges.