The government is coming for your light bulbs! "Obamacare" is going to put a tax on home sales! Or maybe not. Just in time for Thanksgiving, check out PolitiFact's handy reality check of the crazy political emails and Facebook posts...
The state information bill gives a limited number of government officials the authority to classify information, and imposes harsh penalties on those who possess or distribute state secrets. Critics say it will allow officials to cover up corruption...
As thousands gather again and security forces crack down, there are also signs that some groups are staying away and may be ready to turn against other anti-government protesters, NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports.
But President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said he'd do something like this before and then not followed through.
Clashes between protesters and authorities resume in Tahrir Square. In other news: Yemen's president reportedly plans to step aside; and the attorney for the suspect in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal expects more charges.
There's also a ruling expected today on whether Judge William Adams can still have unsupervised visits with his other daughter, who is 10 years old.
The news that Jerry Sandusky is being investigated in two more cases of alleged child sex abuse will likely mean that the former Penn State assistant football coach will be remanded to jail before a Dec. 13 hearing about the case, his attorney says.
More mixed news in the latest economic indicators including a slight increase in jobless claims and another decline in orders for durable goods.
The former Panamanian dictator, who was jailed in the U.S. until last year, has been in France serving time for money laundering. Now he'll likely spend the rest of his days in a jail in his home country. Noriega is 77.
OK, we all know the roads and airports are going to be crowded. Maybe you get up early to avoid the rush? Stay over until Friday or Saturday? Just stay home?