Philip Glass' post-opera protest, Chailly's health troubles and Church's sad story: all the news that's fit to link.
President Obama has signed a bill to reopen slaughterhouses for horses. While some animal welfare groups say the facilities are inhumane, others say the alternative is no better.
Allegations of an affair and sexual harassment have embroiled his campaign. Cain has said he's done nothing wrong.
After a key Chinese economic measure recently fell to its lowest level in three years, economics said the ripples might be felt in economies thousands of miles away.
That decision, in one of the regulations for implementing the health overhaul, is sure to disappoint insurance agents, as you might have guessed. But it's more important than you might have imagined. The ruling makes it more likely that...
A recent U.N. report suggests that laws to protect women in Afghanistan from rape and forced marriage are still not being enforced. As NATO prepares to pull out, concerns grow that women's rights will be further compromised.
Under the new rules, police may require advance payment before issuing a permit to protest.
The cost to treat HIV-positive people in the developing world has dropped dramatically. And a key U.S. official says that the lower costs make it possible to treat many more people without increasing spending.
This year set a record for recall elections, as 11 lawmakers from various states were forced to defend their seats and four of them lost. Now Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker faces an effort to oust him from office. But despite the anti-Walker fervor...
The Partnership for a Healthier America, chaired by first lady Michelle Obama, has inked more than 20 deals with food companies from Walmart to Hyatt. The hope is that small changes to promote more healthful food within a big industry can help halt...