Upsets reigned down in the second full week of the 2011 Georgia high school football schedule. Even though the Indians won last year, many Lowndes Vikings fans refused to give McEachern its due for the victory.
No. 1 Colquitt County has reversed their record from this point last season, when coach Rush Propst’s Packers got off to an 0-3 start.
Score 44 member Josh Harvey-Clemons made 11 tackles, nab an interception, break up a pass, play QB, run the ball multiple times and catch two passes in Lowndes’ loss to McEachern.
The bassoon has a dubious place in pop culture, often used in movies and TV to make odd moments sound even more awkward. But advocates of the instrument say it can convey just as much romance and gravity as its brethren.
The TV comic's political action committee "Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow" is just one of hundreds of outside groups legally allowed to make "unlimited independent expenditures" in the 2012 Presidential race....
Moammar Gadhafi championed the vision of a United States of Africa. As Libya is on the cusp of what appears to be the post-Gadhafi era, the African Union has not officially recognized the rebel leadership and has expressed concern over the plight...
Jay Young, owner of Colorado Gators, teaches brave souls willing to pay $100 how to wrestle alligators. His family once used the alligators as garbage disposals for their fish farm, but over the years the gators became the main attraction.
United Flight 93 crashed outside the town of Shanksville in southwestern Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001, and a decade later, the memorial being built is the only one of the three major Sept. 11 memorials that has yet to be fully funded.
The center of the storm lurched across Louisiana's Gulf Coast on Sunday, dumping torrential rains that threatened low-lying communities in a foreshadowing of what cities further inland could face in coming days.
The former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential nominee addressed a Tea Party rally in Iowa on Saturday. She criticized both President Obama and Republican presidential candidates, but said nothing about her own plans to run, despite her...