Supporters say the Army private is a whistle-blower and a hero, but prosecutors will make the case that Manning is responsible for one of the biggest leaks in decades. During the proceedings, which begin Friday at Fort Meade, Md., both sides have an...
Tax season is months away, but there are steps you can take before year's end that could save you money when it's time to file. An editor at Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine recommends taking advantage of an energy-efficient-home...
If correct, it's an important milestone in the long effort toward recovery from the nuclear disaster triggered by a March 11 earthquake and tsunami. But skeptics fear the government's claim is premature.
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich got front-runner treatment during the final GOP debate before that state's crucial Jan. 3 caucuses, taking a pounding for his years as a highly-compensated Washington influence peddler.
A last-minute deal on spending looks likely to avert a partial government shutdown. But disagreements remain on the payroll tax and unemployment benefit issues.
He was "the Cicero of the saloon bar" and a "polemicist who slashed all, freely, with wit," headline writers say. Hitchens died Thursday at the age of 62, after a long battle with cancer.
Also: Partial government shutdown likely averted, but no deal yet on extending jobless benefits and payroll tax cut. And: court hearing today for Penn State officials; court hearing today for Bradley Manning.
The American Dialect Society has put out its annual call for help in deciding what word it should bestow with the honor. Would a phrase coined for celebrities' fake humility "humble brag" be a good choice?
Millions of Americans who don't go to a primary care doctor often see a dentist regularly. If dentists added some simple health screening tests to their checkups of your teeth, it could help catch problems sooner.
The key witness in the case against the former Penn State assistant football coach says in open court that "I believe Jerry was sexually molesting" a young boy.