The state university in Savannah is dropping the word "Atlantic" from its name beginning in July.
Atlanta’s public schools will learn its fate Tuesday morning from one of the nation’s top accrediting agencies.
Atlanta Public schools is in danger of losing its accreditation because of infighting among its school board members. The state may not be able to intervene as quickly as it would like.
State education officials will decide in February whether to keep cursive in the curriculum. The flowing style of handwriting isn't mentioned in a new set of teaching guidelines adopted last year. Some educators doubt that cursive is critical...
Some school districts plan to make up for missed school days on Monday's federal holiday. They claim not to have much choice in the matter, but civil rights leaders are angry.
Fannin and Gilmer County will hold school on holiday. Officials say they need to make up for nine snow days. Civil rights leaders not happy.
The new chief of public schools says the way the state funds education needs to be revisited.
School cafeterias would have to hold the fries and serve kids more whole grains, fruits and vegetables under the government's plans for the first major nutritional overhaul of students' meals in 15 years.
Higher tuition and growing demand for the merit based HOPE Scholarship would exhaust its reserve fund in 2 years. Governor Nathan Deal wants to be the one to save the popular program and cut it by 280 million dollars.
The state Department of Education gives districts up to 4 emergency days set aside for things like disasters and snow days.
The Georgia university system wants to hold college presidents more accountable for student graduation. The Board of Regents this year is expected to approve a new salary structure for college and university presidents to place more emphasis on...