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Charter School Ruling Expected This Week

The state Supreme Court is expected to rule this week whether the Georgia Charter Schools Commission is constitutional. Seven school districts challenged the commission’s constitutionality, arguing only districts can approve charter schools, and they said the state is taking money away from other public schools. A lower court sided with the commission.

Feds Want 53% College Grad Rate in Georgia

Georgia colleges need to boost graduation rates to at least 53 percent by 2020, according to a new federal report. It’s the state’s share of an Obama administration goal for the U-S to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. Georgia had a graduation rate of 35 percent in 2009.

Georgia's New Writers Hall of Famers

The inductees include a celebrated non-fiction writer, a Pulitzer prize winning poet and the hall's first-ever lyricist. Charter members of the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame include legends like Alice Walker and Margaret Mitchell.

GHSA Delays Reclassification Vote

GHSA will meet again in May. Could vote for the reclassification plan or leave things the way they are. Officials say more study is needed.

Colleges Pull Students Out of Japan

A handful of students studying in Japan from the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech are coming home after the U.S. State Department advised all Americans in the Asian country to leave. Emory University is asking three of its students to return home as well.

Historical Georgia: There's an App For That

A new iPhone application allows people to tour Georgia historical sites with more ease. Savannah’s Smack Dub Productions developed the software.

Deal Signs HOPE Bill

Just three weeks after unveiling legislation to overhaul the state's cash-strapped HOPE scholarship, Gov. Nathan Deal has signed the measure into law. The new Republican governor made fixing the landmark scholarship a centerpiece of his legislative agenda this session. The program had been set to go broke as lottery proceeds failed to keep pace with rising tuition and soaring college enrollment.

State BOE OK's Math Changes

The Georgia Board of Education has approved allowing schools flexibility in the math classes they offer. The board met on Monday and approved the recommendation by State School Superintendent John D. Barge to allow four separate courses to be taught to students who may be struggling with the integrated curriculum.

Bibb Schools To Cut 16 Jobs

Bibb County schools superintendent Romain Dallemand has presented a new organizational chart that will eliminate 16 administrative jobs and add six new ones.

HOPE Changes Clear Both Chambers

Changes to the HOPE scholarship program have cleared both chambers of the general assembly. The revisions mean most recipients will get 20 percent less funding this fall.