It can be a long road for a young musician from writing a song in their bedroom to a career as a songwriter. The family of the late soul great Otis Redding gets that. For seven summers, the Big “O” Singer/Songwriter Camp has pulled back the curtain for young people on the world of the music business. “My father was passionate about music programs, and particularly to push the importance of education paired with music,” said Karla Redding-Andrews. Redding-Andrews is Otis Redding’s daughter.
The University of Georgia has set a screening of a documentary about the lawyer who helped the first two black students gain admission in the early 1960s.
President Barack Obama's budget plan would cut $100 billion from Pell Grants and other higher education programs over a decade through belt-tightening.
Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers and Sen. John Albers have sponsored a bill that would allow parents to step in to help overhaul failing schools.
A state agency has found far fewer wrong answers erased and replaced on the CRCT from a year ago in a review of 2010 test results.
Georgia once again has some of the best Advanced Placement test scores in the country. High school students taking college level courses did better this year than last.
The 22-title collection includes one of the first books ever printed in English, "Polychronicon," a 15th century volume of universal history.
The president of Georgia’s only public medical school wants to hire 500 new faculty members by 2018. It’s part of an effort to make the Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta one of the top research schools in the country.
More than two dozen school districts across the state are getting closer to putting to use the first infusion of Race to the Top money.
School districts in Georgia are revamping policies to combat bullying based on new state guidelines, hoping to stem behavior that educators across the country say has become rampant in schools.
Georgia is running out of money for a program that had public and private school advocates protesting three years ago. That's when lawmakers approved a tax credit that funds private schools. The credit has proved popular. And now that the...