Concert inspires confidence and cultural diversity through music.
Childhood obesity is a persistent problem in Georgia. It has the second highest rate of the disease in the nation. Nearly one in three children here is considered to be overweight. One elementary in Atlanta is making strides to head of the obesity...
Grant provides netbook computers for 9th and 10th graders. Students doing most of work online. State education officials will monitor success.
Some Georgia college students are uneasy about proposed changes to the financially struggling HOPE Scholarship program. If passed, the changes would grant full scholarships only to Georgia’s top students.
Federal guidelines changing for school lunches. Bibb County serving more fresh fruits and vegetables. Cutting back on sodium and sugar as well.
Tomorrow, lawmakers are expected to reveal details about their plan to cut Hope scholarship funding.
This week, GPB is focusing on the problem of childhood obesity in the state.  The statistics have reached epidemic levels.  Georgia ranks second in the nation for children who are obese or overweight.  Experts say kids need to be more physically...
Georgia Cyber Academy will become K-12. Students are now on a waiting list. Enrollment is expected to be around 8,500 this fall.
State lottery sales can no longer keep up with demand for the HOPE scholarship. Lawmakers plan to introduce legislation on Tuesday to remedy Hope's depleting funds.
Members of Kell High School's robotics team are using a $10,000 grant to build a machine that could aid in the cleanup of oil spills. The group came up with the idea after learning about the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year.
College students in Georgia likely will see a tuition increase again this year.