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Local Control at Heart of Charter Debate

Lawyers for a group of charter schools ruled unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court asked the court this afternoon to reconsider the decision. They’re arguing that the decision will force the courts to play too large a role in setting education policy. The legal fight highlights a question being asked about charter schools in the south and across the country: Who should decide where a school can open, and why?

State Lawmakers To Meet Over Charter Schools

State lawmakers are planning to meet next week to hammer out solutions for more than a dozen charter schools that face closing after a Georgia Supreme Court ruled the state commission that created them is unconstitutional.

Savannah Principal Outlines Turnaround

Big changes are in store for one of Savannah's worst public schools. The new principal at Groves High School on Monday was scheduled to tell parents about a plan to turn around one of three Savannah schools where officials fired half the teachers in a bid to boost performance. Groves had been on No Child Left Behind's Needs Improvement list for five years.

GHSU President Inaugurated

Dr. Ricardo Azziz was inaugurated as the 8th president of Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta today.

Protesters Decry Charter School Decision

Hundreds of charter school teachers, students and supporters rallied on the steps of the Capitol to protest the state Supreme Court’s rejection of the state’s power to open the schools. The students, who attend schools opened by the state Charter Schools Commission, called on legislators to find a way to keep their schools open.

Charter Schools Law Overturned

A Georgia law that cleared the way for a surge in new charter schools was struck down by the state's top court in a high-profile decision that will affect thousands of students and could reshape how the state's public school system is funded.

Charter Schools Await High Court Decision

Several school districts sued after the state started approving charter schools the districts had denied.

Colleges Form Engineering Consortium

A group of public and private colleges in Georgia has formed a consortium to promote and improve engineering education in the state. They will look for ways to expand engineering education in the state.

More Students Fail Math Graduation Exam

Test scores released by the Georgia Department of Education today showed that more students failed the math section of their high school graduation exams this year. Sixteen percent of students who sat for the Georgia High School Graduation Test for the first time this year flunked math. That’s up from 9 percent from last year.

State Expands Nursing Education

The University System of Georgia is expanding the state’s nursing programs. The Board of Regents Tuesday approved a measure that will allow Darton College in Albany, and Georgia Highlands College in Rome, to offer four-year programs in nursing. Georgia could be 38,000 nurses short in 10 years, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.