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Death Penalty Reportedly Sought For Captain In Korean Ferry Disaster

Lee Joon-seok, master of the Sewol, is accused of abandoning his passengers when the vessel went down in April. More than 300 people died.

Gladiator Gatorade? Ancient Athletes Had A Recovery Drink, Too

Gladiators guzzled a drink made from plant ash to help their bodies recover after a hard day of sword fighting, according to Roman accounts. New tests of old bones back up that idea.

CVS Pulls Apple Pay, And Many See A Fight Over Mobile Wallets

Rite Aid took the same step, leading many observers to note that the two companies are part of a group of retailers that's developing its own payment system, called CurrentC.

A Congolese Mother Of Six Is Honored For Her Death-Defying Journalism

Solange Lusiku Nsimire, an editor who has been subjected to death threats and whose family has been attacked, has won a courage award for her journalism in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Taylor Swift/Aphex Twin Mashup You Didn't Know You Wanted Is Here

Aphex Swift is a charming table flip that teeters between the sweet and the sinister: a little Nashville twang with a small dose of digital terror.