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Gaza Students Wonder When Their Schools Will Reopen

Many were damaged in the fighting with Israel and others are still serving as shelters for Gazans who lost their homes. Even before the fighting, kids went to school in shifts owing to overcrowding.

Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki Says He Will Step Down

The longtime leader has bowed to pressure to quit his post and endorse his nominated successor. The White House commended the announcement.

Georgia Police Chief: Fixing Community-Police Relations In Ferguson Starts With Conversation

DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander is heading to Ferguson, Missouri this weekend in an effort to help restore the peace. Riots have erupted in Ferguson following last weekend's fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. Alexander heads the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and also has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. He’s been in law enforcement for about 37 years and has seen challenging times between the police and the community while growing up and working in Miami’s Dade County.

How A Dissolvable 'Tampon' Could One Day Help Women Stop HIV

Engineers have come up with an experimental technology that could make HIV prevention as easy as using a tampon. It's based on an ultrafine fabric that's thinner than a human hair.

Should We Kill The $100 Bill?

Nearly 80 percent of all the U.S. currency in the world is in $100 bills. But some people want to get rid of the bill altogether.

Do Not Fear This Giant Robot Swarm

Researchers created a swarm of 1,024 tiny robots to do their bidding. So far, the only job they're given is to arrange themselves into a shape. But future versions could perform all sorts of tasks.

How People In Ferguson See The Police in Ferguson

Some residents say that even before Ferguson police killed a teenager, they saw the police as a potential threat. Increasingly this week, they're seeing the police in military gear.

Kenyan Health Workers Fear Ebola May Take Flight

Kenya's international airport is on high alert, since the Kenya Medical Association has called on the national airline to suspend flights due to concerns over the Ebola outbreak.

Ferguson Braces For New Night Of Clashes, As Leaders Call For Peace

Ferguson police expect to again clash with protesters. Ferguson's police chief called for calm, while reiterating that he will not release the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown.

Sayur Manis: Delicious, But Also Deadly, Greens From Borneo

Sayur manis is a green vegetable that tastes like spinach with a hint of asparagus when cooked. It's packed with nutrients, but the raw leaves have been linked to outbreaks of lung failure.