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Fox's 'Gracepoint': An American Remake Best Viewed With Fresh Eyes

Fox's new show Gracepoint is a remake of a British murder mystery, Broadchurch. NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says those who saw the original might want to watch the new series with someone who hasn't.

Asian-Americans Prepare for Elections in Gwinnett County

In Georgia, ballots are only printed in no language other than English. As the state’s Asian-American population swells, its influence may be dampened by an electoral language barrier.

Long-Term Birth Control Works Best For Teens, Pediatricians Say

When given their choice of contraceptives for free, almost three-quarters of sexually active teenage girls chose long-acting options like the IUD or hormonal implants, a study finds.

Obamacare's First Year: How'd It Go?

It has been a year since Obamacare launched with a difficult start. Now, supporters are confident about the program's future. But critics say it's too early to gauge its success.