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The Birth And Afterlife Of Israel's Precious Etrog Fruit

An odd, beautiful and persnickety citrus fruit has its big moment during the Jewish fall festival of Sukkot. But then what do you do with it?

'Follow The Music': Alice Gerrard's Life In Folk

The title of the singer's new album neatly summarizes the thrust of her career, from her influential collaborations with Hazel Dickens in the '60s to her work as a folk music documentarian.

Canada Identifies Ship Found From 1846 Arctic Expedition

The announcement that a vessel from the doomed Franklin team had been found came last month, but now archaeologists say they've determined that it's the HMS Erebus.

Medicare Fines Record Number Of Hospitals For Excessive Readmissions

Fewer Medicare patients are returning to hospitals within a month of discharge. But half the hospitals in 29 states and the District of Columbia will be penalized for failing to do a better job.

Doctor stethoscope and computer.

Georgia Searches for Ways to Reduce Healthcare Provider Shortage

Georgia is expected to be 50th in primary care providers by 2020 due to a lack of training facilities and inability to keep Georgia educated physicians in state.

VIDEO: Glimpse The History Of Life In A Beer

It took more than a billion years of evolution to yield the biology behind a beer. Here, we bring you a video celebration of the science in a cold one.

Bedbugs, Lava And Bowling Balls: Inside My Homeowners Insurance Policy

What the fine print in my policy says about how insurance works.

ISIS Captives Tell Of Rapes And Beatings, Plead For Help

Activists say militants are holding hundreds, perhaps thousands of Yazidi women in northern Iraq. The women make contact through secret phones; some men have been killed or beaten trying to save them.

Diamonds. Photo: Ayswaryak

SCAD Professor: Diamonds Hold Value, Meaning Beyond Their Price

SCAD professor Susan Falls discusses her book on how we attach meaning to diamonds

Hartsfield-Jackson Still Rules The Air For Atlanta-Area Fliers, But Others Trying To Create Alternative

Chicago has two. So does Washington, Houston, Dallas and Miami. New York has three big ones, and several smaller ones. But why is Atlanta the only top 10 US Metro area with one passenger airport?