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The Latest Word From WHO On Experimental Ebola Therapies

Vaccinations and therapeutics are being tested. Some could be available for use as early as November, if they prove to be safe.

Building Me: A Puzzlement

I am made of atoms 7,000 trillion trillion of them. How did I teach them to tie my shoes? Or did they teach me?

A Diplomat Infects A Doctor As Ebola Spreads In Nigeria

The diplomat violated a quarantine. The doctor became ill but still saw patients. Now Africa's most populous country is scrambling to find more than 200 people who could have Ebola.

Update: After A 4-Day Hunt, Albino Cobra Is Caught In LA Suburb

A driver spotted the highly venomous snake and called authorities. It was captured without incident.

In Ukraine, Cease-Fire Between Government, Separatists Takes Hold

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he was hopeful that this would be a long-lasting peace. The central disagreements in conflict, however, remain.

Obama: Our Goal Is To 'Dismantle' The Islamic State

After meeting with allies, the president said he found conviction that it was the responsibility of the international community to "degrade and ultimately destroy" the militant Sunni group.

An Old-School Entertainer, Making Jazz In The Present Tense

One of Europe's biggest jazz stars, pianist Stefano Bollani is also a TV personality, a published author and, his friends attest, a skilled impressionist.

Pentagon Says Drone Strike Killed Leader Of Militant Group Al-Shabab

The United States launched airstrikes in Somalia on Monday targeting Ahmed Abdi Godane, a co-founder of the al-Qaida affiliate in Somalia.

Hiring Slows In August, But Unemployment Dips To 6.1 Percent

Coming in below expectations, the U.S. economy added 142,000 jobs in August. Still, the survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the unemployment rate dipped a tenth of a percent.