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How Did Berkeley Pass A Soda Tax? Bloomberg's Cash Didn't Hurt

The American Beverage Association poured tons of cash into the effort to defeat the penny-per-ounce sugary-drink tax. But the effort to pass the tax also got cash infusions from some big-name donors.

New Generation Of Catalonian Separatists Looks To Future, Not Past

The call for Catalan independence was long led by those who suffered under Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Younger Catalans are now championing the cause.

America's T. Rex Gets A Makeover

Discovered in Montana in 1988, the Wankel T. Rex is a prize find a nearly complete skeleton, now bound for display at the Smithsonian, in Washington, D.C. But first, those old bones need some work.

Chevron Spends Big, And Loses Big, In A City Council Race

Tuesday's elections weren't just bad news for Democrats. Oil giant Chevron got clobbered in a city election in Richmond, Calif., that was widely seen as a referendum on the company itself.


Coastal Ga. Weekend: Savannah And Coastal Events Nov. 6-10

Molly Swagler of the Tourism Leadership Council and Tanya Milton of the Savannah Tribune share their picks for a great weekend on the Georgia coast.

Republican Sweep Highlights Climate Change Politics In Alaska

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is set to head the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. It can be easier for her oil-reliant state to adapt to the changing climate rather than address its causes.

University Of California Proposes Tuition Hike For Next 5 Years

After three years of a tuition freeze, UC President Janet Napolitano will propose a plan to hike tuition by as much as 5 percent each year for the next five years.