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Brazil: The Land Of Many Lawyers And Very Slow Justice

Brazil has more law schools the rest of the world combined and more lawyers per capita than the U.S. But there's a huge legal backlog: One department of five judges is now handling 1.6 million cases.

49ers Running Back Retires From NFL, Without Playing A Snap

Running back Marcus Lattimore, 23, retired from the NFL Wednesday. He says he chose a higher quality of life, citing a lingering knee injury. Lattimore reportedly has a $1.7 million insurance policy.

Obama Cites 'A Moment For Reflection' In Election Results

Speaking one day after his party lost control of the Senate to the Republican Party, President Obama says he's not "mopey" over the trouncing Democrats endured but rather energized.

Banks Reluctant To Use 'White Hat' Hackers To Spot Security Flaws

High-tech firms have been offering bounties to security researchers to find holes and bugs in their software, but these reward programs haven't drawn much interest from major banks.

Taylor Swift, Platinum Party Of One

Taylor Swift's latest album, 1989, sold 1.287 million copies its first week alone, making it the first album released in 2014 to go platinum. The last musician to go platinum in a week? Taylor Swift.

Prison Dairy Gives Inmates Job Skills And A Sense Of Purpose

California's high-security Corcoran prison is home to a dairy that provides milk to almost every prison in the state system. For inmates who staff it, it's more than a job: It's a refuge and a future.

Berkeley Decides To Try Taxing Away Its Soda Habit

Many cities and states have tried, but Berkeley, Calif., is the first to pass a penny-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. The goal is to reduce sugar consumption to improve public health.

Christian Couple Killed By Mob In Latest Pakistan 'Blasphemy' Case

In multiple instances, people accused of blasphemy against Islam have been killed or faced serious legal punishment despite evidence that is flimsy or nonexistent.