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Around-The-World Trek Hits Obstacles Both Natural And Man-Made

Journalist Paul Salopek's long walk recently brought him face to face with the possibility of losing his toes to frostbite and with one of the largest mass migrations in modern history.

Lockheed Martin Case Puts 401(k) Plans On Trial

The aerospace company is being sued for choosing retirement funds that were poorly managed and charged high fees in a case that tests the limits of a company's responsibilities to its employees.

Gaza Tech Incubator Finds Success In International Crowdfunding

Billions have been pledged to help rebuild Gaza, but little of that money has arrived yet. But a startup accelerator is drawing interest and crowdfunding from around the region and the world.

Hostages Held In Cafe In Sydney, Australia

Multiple hostages are being held at a Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia. Several nearby buildings have been evacuated.

Nations Salvage Deal To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The deal is the first-ever to require all nations to reduce emissions, but it doesn't include a mechanism to monitor compliance.

LA's Unclaimed Dead Receive Prayers, And A Final Resting Place

Every year since 1896, Los Angeles County has buried the cremated remains of people who die in the region, but whose bodies are never claimed. This year, the county buried the remains of 1,489 people.

He Just Flew In From South Africa To Join 'The Daily Show'

And boy, are his arms tired. Because he's been holding them up so the U.S. police don't attack him. That joke launched Trevor Noah's "Daily Show" gig. He got raves but a few barbs from fans at home.

Cheney On Harsh Interrogation: 'I'd Do It Again In A Minute'

The former vice president doubled down on his defense of the Bush administration's use of such techniques, calling the Senate's recent report "seriously flawed."

Mali: 4 Al-Qaida Linked Militants Swapped For French Hostage

Mali's justice minister says Serge Lazarevic, released earlier this week, was freed as part of the deal. But Paris has refused to confirm any such agreement.

Japan's Ruling Party Poised For Landslide In Snap Elections

The victory is seen as a mandate for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's economic overhaul plan, even as Japan has fallen back into recession in the second half of 2014.