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High Enrollment Means Crowded Dorms

Freshman at Albany State University will be sleeping triple. Dorms intended to sleep two will have three because of increased enrollment. University officials say the rooms are big enough to accomodate the extra roomate.

Tougher Math Has Students Fail

Nearly half of Georgia’s high school students failed the end of course math tests this year. It’s the first measure of a tougher curriculum.

Judge Urges Removal of School Board Members

The judge reviewing the actions of three Warren County school board members has reached a verdict for Governor Perdue. He is recommending the removal of board members Clara Roberts, Cecil Brown and Charles Culver. A group of Warren County residents took legal action against the trio after their alleged unprofessional behavior jeopardized the school system’s accreditation.

UGA Scientist Returns To Oil Spill

A University of Georgia oceanographer says a research team will return to the Gulf of Mexico next month to map underwater plumes of oil and gas. A team led by oceanographer Samantha Joye tracked one plume during research voyages in May and June. She said Tuesday that no one has made a systematic sweep around the massive oil spill in the Gulf to find other plumes.

10 Abused Siblings Up For Adoption

A court has given its approval for 10 children found living in a Burke County shack without food or utilities to be put up for adoption. The children of Jeremy and Christine Long, who ranged in age from 1 to 17, were placed in protective custody in 2008.

Georgia Kids Not Improving

Georgia’s children are still 42nd in poverty and health statistics. The state has been unable to break out of the bottom ten rankings.

Pastor Protesting Demon Mascot

A parent and pastor says Warner Robins High School needs to get rid of its mascot. He says its wrong to speak out against evil on Sunday and send son to school there on Monday. School officials say they have no plans to make changes.

Georgia In Second Round For Education Grant

Georgia is a finalist in the "Race to the Top," a federal incentive for education reform. The state is one of 19 finalists the U.S. Department of Education has chosen for the second round of the federal grants. U.S. Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan says not all finalists will make the cut. Only two states were awarded the grants in the first Race to the Top round. Georgia came in third.

Superintendent Resigns Amid Scandal

Madison County School Superintendent McGhee resigned after his email records became available to the public. He allegedly had an affair with a teacher from north Georgia.

Handel Campaign Releases Education Plan for Ga.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel wants to create more charter schools in Georgia, expand online classes for K-12 education and give teachers merit pay.Handel released her plan for Georgia education Monday as she pushes toward her Aug. 10 runoff election with opponent Nathan Deal.